Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

All shipping charges displayed on the site are estimated.  Actual charges will be determined when the full order is packaged and weighed and the carrier is chosen. utilizes many carriers for the shipment of a product, and reserves the right to select the carrier.  We pass along great savings on shipping and freight by utilizing carriers we have negotiated volume discounts with.  The cardholder may be billed shipping charges at the actual rate of the carrier specified and not at the site’s estimated cost.  Some large items must be sent freight and will be billed at the actual cost from the carrier, and not at the site’s estimated cost.

Damaged Shipments & Shortages

The customer is responsible for carefully examining all shipments upon arrival.  The customer must note all damages and shortages when signing.  If any damage or shortage is detected , the damage or shortage must be recorded on the bill of lading or the delivery sheet and initiate a claim with the carrier at once, if a signature is required. Any damages or shortages of goods discovered after the bill of lading or the delivery sheet has been signed (acknowledging to the transportation company that the goods were delivered in good condition) cannot be accepted for a claim at a later date.

 If shipment is delivered without the customer present, it is the responsibility of the customer to examine and inspect the shipment within 24 hours of delivery for damage or shortage in the shipment.  Any damage must be documented immediately in writing and with pictures. must be contacted within 1 business day of delivery to start a claim. 

Shipments To destinations in Canada

Shipments to Canada may be consolidated at a single location in the US in order to reduce the amount of packages processed through customs.  Any additional charges incurred should be minimal and will be much less expensive than multiple packages would.  

Customer will still be responsible for any applicable customs and duty charges assessed by the carrier and the provincial government, as they are not included in the shipping rate.  Certain areas in Canada are not served by certain standard services, if this applies to your area, you will be contacted with a quote prior to shipping.